Sunshine Coast University Hospital reaches commissioning milestone

The Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) has entered an exciting new phase ahead of its April 2017 opening. Staff are now involved in the complex Hospital Operational Commissioning (HOC) phase, which will effectively turn this state-of-the-art the building into a hospital.

Commissioning of the SCUH involves ensuring the building and people are ready to transition, systems are operational and the equipment is safe and in place. Director of Operational Commissioning SCUH Program, Angela Bardini said there’s a significant focus on staff training and familiarisation.

“All aspects of the transition to the opening of the new hospital have been planned and developed in a deliberate and informed way, with the input and guidance of local clinical leaders,” Ms Bardini said.

“We’ve been training staff and testing equipment to ensure we are fully functional and able to provide exceptional care to our patients.

The current HOC phase will support, inform and prepare staff for the transition to the new environment, and ensure the building is fully tested.

“We have a comprehensive program of work to make sure the clinical services that will be provided at the hospital are implemented in a way that will safeguard quality of care and patient safety.”

To date, some of the HOC achievements at SCUH include:

  • Over 1000 staff have been trained at SCUH
  • Over 7500 ICT tests have been executed
  • 265 consumable cabinets/ storage rooms filled

Commissioning staff are also in the process of conducting numerous clinical scenario testing. Scenario testing provides a virtual, real-life test of all aspects of the new hospital’s equipment and functionality. These are being carried out on a large interdepartmental scale, including:

  • A code blue medical emergency
  • A code black (personal threat) lock down of the Mental Health Unit and the Department of Emergency Medicine
  • The journey an expectant mother will go through to reach the maternity unit after hours
  • The journey a major trauma patient will go through to reach surgery
  • Various testing of food services and delivery from the hospital kitchen

“Scenario testing is a vital part of the commissioning process, which will ensure that by the time the first patients are seen at SCUH, everything has been tried, tested and proven,” Ms Bardini said.

SCUH is on track to see its first patients in March as part the staged opening of the new $1.8B facility, as announced by Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services Cameron Dick.

The hospital’s first outpatient appointments are planned from the week commencing 21 March 2017. Inpatient services, the emergency department, operating theatres and maternity services are set to commence progressively during the week beginning March 27, with elective surgery planned to start from 4 April 2017.

SCUH Hospital Operational Commissioning (HOC) fast facts:

  • 732 CCTV cameras tested
  • 6300 doors tested (if you took two seconds to open a door it would take more than eight hours to open every door)
  • Equivalent of 15 football fields of carpet cleaned
  • 4000 light switches tested
  • 8 operating rooms set up
  • 89 pneumatic tube stations to be tested
  • 90 medication dispensary Pyxis Medstation units stocked and tested

Original media release from the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.

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