Research themes

At SCHI, researchers work across four broad research themes. Our research has a strong focus on delivering innovative, effective health solutions and improved health outcomes in regional and outer metropolitan communities.

Healthy Communities

Currently, much community development relates to metropolitan, inner urban or remote communities. Healthy Communities research aims to address the gap in health research for regional and outer metropolitan communities, and to make a difference in the development of health solutions for these populations. This research theme incorporates a range of disciplines focused on wellness, community development, public health, community health, and sport and fitness.

Effective Health Services

For health services to be effective we need to evaluate innovative models of care and health service delivery, ensure patient safety and educate and train health professionals.

Optimal Treatment of Disease

This theme focuses on the pre-clinical research of biomedical and medical scientists, a range of hospital-based clinical research areas, and translational research across a range of disciplines. Clinical foci will include cardiovascular, cancer, critical and emergency care, maternal and child health and infection prevention, with a particular focus on neuroscience and aged care research. Multi-disciplinary research teams engaged in pre-clinical and clinical research will spearhead research in this theme.

Innovative Health Technologies

This theme blends research in science and engineering and health science to promote the development of innovative health technologies and solutions. This is an emerging research which has great potential for partnership alliances.

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