Research critical to improving patient care

The next generation of researchers will be mentored at the Queensland Critical Care Research forum later this month.

Hosted by the Sunshine Coast Institute of Critical Care Research and organised by Staff Intensivist Dr John Moore, the inaugural research forum on 10 May at Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI) will bring both novice and experienced researchers together to discuss how research can benefit patient care.

Dr Chris Anstey, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service’s (SCHHS) Director of Intensive Care, said SCHHS had a strong focus on research.

“We recognise the importance of research as the key to improving patient care,” Dr Anstey said.

“This month’s forum is aimed at promoting and developing a collaborative approach to critical care research within Queensland.”

Health Service Chief Executive Kevin Hegarty said the collocation of SCHI on the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) campus meant research and education was an integral part of the health care delivered to Sunshine Coast residents.

“Research is integral to the continuous delivery of quality health care, not only for the critical care team, but all SCHHS clinicians.

“As a tertiary, teaching hospital it is imperative for the staff at SCUH to have access to world-class teaching and research facilities.

“This enables our staff to lead and participate in teaching, research and clinical practice in an integrated, purpose-built environment, and also provide educational opportunities for vocational students.”

Keynote speakers at the forum include: Professor Rinaldo Bellomo (Professor of Critical Care at The Austin); Professor Bala Venkatesh (Professor of Critical Care at The University of Queensland and the Wesley Hospital); Professor Jason Roberts (National Health and Medical Research Council Fellow, The University of Queensland) and Professor John Fraser (The Prince Charles Hospital).

Original media release from the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service

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